Widow’s Kiss

Widow’s Kiss… Don’t worry folks, he’s still alive but the sweetness of the drink may have almost killed both of us.  This herbal-forward sweet drink has a touch of cinnamon and clove as a finisher both otherwise it’s straight up sugar.  I don’t normally make drinks this sweet but I felt like I had to…

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Montreal was totally off my radar until my cousins extended and invitation for Kyle to join them for a family trip.  After a bit of research, we discovered how much of a clear, foodie city it really was so we decided to check it out.  The city is reminiscent of many European cities I’ve seen,…

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Monte Cassino Cocktail

Monte Cassino

Reminiscent of the Last Word, another chartreuse forward cocktail, the Monte Cassino has a bit of depth that is discovered as you drink it.  The mix of the two herbal liquors has a very complex flavor profile, that seems to hit you a little differently every sip.  With the sweetness of the benedictine the rye…

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