Belize Part I – Travel

I write as I sit gazing out at the bright aqua ocean, in total relaxation. Our little getaway trip to Belize has probably been one of the most relaxing vacations we’ve been on to date!  We stayed at, Matachica Beach Resort, a small and quaint resort located near San Pedro.  The food has been incredibly fresh & delicious and there’s lots of options to get out and explore if you so choose.

We arrived Thursday via a VERY TINY airplane that sat maybe 15 people.. the true meaning of a puddle jumper from Belize City to San Pedro. I took a ton of photos, because I was so fascinated with the plane & the view, but I’ll restrain myself to posting on a few of my favorites!

Tropic AIrBelize ocean viewOne interesting thing we discovered in our journey from Belize City to San Pedro is that flight travel is very well optimized with these tiny shuttle planes. We got off the plane at Belize City, got through customs & made our way to the ticket counter only to be told that we wouldn’t be taking the 11:40am flight to San Pedro, but instead we would board in 5 minutes for an earlier flight (oh and for no change fee!). We arrived to the resort an hour earlier than planned & was greeted with glasses of champagne.. the start to a wonderful vacation!

Stay tuned… More to come about the resort, the snorkeling, & the sharks!:)