Belize Part II – San Pedro

Once we got settled in, we took out the complementary paddle boards (my first time) which started out much more difficult than I expected. It turned out, my previous experience on a snowboard was really no match for the giant board & paddle… I didn’t fall off, but I had a close call with a dock!


Friday we took a quick 10 minute water taxi into San Pedro town to do some exploring. One thing unique about San Pedro is that there’s golf carts everywhere & hardly any cars, which makes for a very easy way to get around the narrow roads. There’s lot of roadside stands selling everything from local fruit, to jewelry, to table runners.. which can easily put a hole in your wallet just by strolling around town. I, myself, managed to pick up a small wooden heron decoration for our kitchen & a pair of earrings. 🙂 Belize has a few local rums & Belikin beer which aren’t anything noteworthy. Booze in general is pretty expensive here so it’s worth taking some ‘sample’ bottles if you so choose. American dollars are accepted just about everywhere, which is nice to not have to worry about currency change & it’s a quick conversion of a 2 BZ to 1 USD.

San Pedro BelizeWe got breakfast in San Pedro at a cute tourist spot by the beach called Estel’s by the Beach, where we had an egg scramble and this puffy pastry called a fry jack which is a mix between a funnel cake & a begniets (but without the powdered sugar). The town isn’t terrible big so we manged to cover the bulk of it in about an hour or so. We even ran into an old timer at a bar in town who recently moved to Belize from West Chester, PA (a neighboring town of where I grew up)… small world!