Belize Part III – Ambergris Caye & Hol Chan

A little bit about Ambergris Caye & Belize – this area is known for diving & snorkeling. While I’m no certified diver, snorkeling is something I very much enjoy. We were pleasantly surprised when we decided to take a sea kayak out to the reef to check out what the snorkeling scene looked like. Typically what we’ve found near other island resorts is that they will give you snorkeling gear & you dip your head under water &… you see like 1 fish & a bunch of sand. This is totally not the case by the Matachica resort in Ambergris Caye! I can’t even begin to describe how scenic the snorkeling was .. there were fish galore, tons of coral, sea urchins, etc. & it was all within a 15 minute kayak ride out to the reef! We enjoyed this so much, that we decided to do a half-day excursion to Hol Chan marine park & shark ray alley.

Ambregris CayeHol Chan is a marine reserve that protects the wildlife that reside within its borders and is home to some of the most beautiful & plentiful schools of fish that I’ve ever seen. We saw everything from sea turtles to green moray eels to sting rays & more (!) throughout our snorkeling tour of the inner part of the ocean shelf. I took an underwater camera (but the ‘ancient’ film photos have not been developed yet since we returned home). Afterwards, we rode over to Shark Ray Alley where they bait & lure like 50 nurse sharks to the side of the boat & then tell you to get in the water. Keep in mind that they were in no way putting us in harm’s way since nurse sharks are very mellow and are non-aggressive towards humans. It was an awesome but totally nerve-racking feeling jumping into the water, yet oddly relieving knowing they had just been fed & were niicccee and happy!  Needless to say, I got out in 1 piece (as did Kyle).

Shark Ray AlleySo.. all in all a great relaxing & enjoyable getaway (I highly recommend!)