Before my visit to Boston: Paul Revere, Tea Party, and seafood. 
When i originally thought of Boston, it was the ‘typical’ small roads, northeast city. It was dirty and crowded and bordered some massive body of water since that’s the only place they built cities back in the 1600s.  It was populated with tourist attractions around  American Revolutionary history like Paul Revere, the Boston Tea party and Boston Massacre, you know.. everything we learned in Middle school history class.  The harbor waters were much colder than New Jersey (or so i envisioned) so even in the middle of July you probably didn’t care to go swimming, and yea.. since they have water.. there’s going to be seafood.. and since they’re close to Maine, there’s probably some pretty sweet Lobster.

                               Back Bay Church   George Washington Statue Boston

After visiting Boston: ITALIAN food (like my grandmother used to make), sweet briny oysters, the freshest clams I’ve ever tasted and let’s not forget the lobster.. Oh and the classic Fenway Park is a MUST!
Now don’t get me wrong.. most of the things listed on here are food, but I do want to make clear two misconceptions from the BEFORE section – Boston is probably one of the cleanest, safest, most easily walk-able cities, I’ve ever seen.  They have a lot of American history, but they do it in a classy way.. a small brick road that kind of just blends in with the scenery.  You can take a stroll along this brick road, named Freedom trail, and stop at many historical sights like Paul Revere’s House or Old North Church to get a taste of America’s past.
OK.. now speaking of taste.. let’s talk food.  You’ve never had Italian food (other than maybe in your Nonna’s kitchen) like what is offered in Boston’s North End neighborhood.  You’ll get everything from homemade pasta to cannolis to gelato.. and it’s all incredible.  With so many restaurants, you’ll have a hard time deciding quite and how many of them to visit.. but here’s a few hot spots to consider – Al Dente or the Daily Catch.  Both have great menus with lots of options for seafood lovers (or not so seafood lovers).
If you’re still hungry after an entire bowl of pasta the size of your head, wander over to Caffe Vittoria for gelato, or Mike’s pastries for best cannolis in town!
Want just plain seafood?  There’s a few great options downtown – Atlantic Fish Company has one of the biggest seafood platters you can get!  A 2 lb lobster, steamed clams, steamed mussels, potatoes, and corn is a meal for 2 to share but is really fit for 3 or maybe 4.. but regardless, is a great combo!

Seafood at Atlantic Fish CompanyIn the mood for a bit of a lighter appetizer instead? Marliave has some great options including a mix of sweet briny oysters and raw clams that are to die for.  This place has by far some of the best shellfish I’ve ever had.

OK and last but certainly not least – Fenway Park.  If the Boston accent hasn’t hit you in the forehead yet after wandering around the city, you’ll be bulldozed with it at Fenway.  For us it was perfect timing since the Boston Red Sox were playing the Philadelphia Phillies (my hometown team), but I think regardless of which team the Red Sox are playing.. the people watching is PRIME!  It’s a perfect marriage of Boston and classic baseball (wooden seats and all)!  So sit back, relax, wander, eat, and enjoy Boston!

Fenway Park