Bourbon Dynasty

Cocchi Americano vs. Lillet: the on-going debate.  Both aperitif Italian wines have been vying for the spotlight in many famous cocktails since the Cocchi Americano’s (est. 1891) US country wide release in 2010.  Vesper, as made famous by James Bond’s Casino Royale, and Corpse Reviver, a prohibition style cocktail, both originally contain Lillet.  However, nowadays, due to the bitter bite and crispness that Cocchi Americano brings, it’s a great compliment not only to the two drinks mentioned above, but also to the one below.  Here’s your challenge, try both. Which one do you prefer and why?

Bourbon Dynasty Cocktail with lemon peel2 oz Rye whiskey
1 oz Cocchi Americano or Lillet
1/4 oz Creme de Cassis
2 dashes Peychaud bitters
1 Lemon peel