Bourbon Sour

The Bourbon Sour is one of my favorites to make for people, and to make for myself due to the flexibility in the base recipe.  There are so many options with this drink that vary from the spirit used, everything from a wheated bourbon to a spicy rye, or even an Irish or Japanese whisky will make a great drink to your own personal tastes.  For the citrus I have seen everything from only lime to only lemon.

And then there is the egg…an often debated ingredient that many do not use due to either its difficulty or because they don’t like the idea of it.  Personally I cannot do without an egg white in a sour drink, it just makes the texture for me, but the drink does work well without it if you so prefer.

Below is a pretty basic version of the drink, although typically the recipe is more lemon heavy, but I like the balance myself.  However if I was going to customize this drink to my tastes it would have been a rye, with a 50/50 mix of lemon and lime, a little less simple syrup than called for, and of course, an egg white.

Classic Bourbon Sour3 oz Bourbon (I used a bourbon with rye as its 3rd grain and not a wheated here, but either work well)
3/4 oz lime juice
3/4 oz lemon juice
1 oz simple syrup
Egg White from a large egg (I am told this is 1 1/2 oz but it looks like half that…forgot to measure)

Mix all ingredients in a LARGE shaker (due to the egg white this will expand so you may leak or break the seal in a smaller shaker) and first dry shake for 10-15 seconds to emulsify the egg.  Add ice and shake again, serve in a chilled martini glass.  Garnish by putting a couple of drops of Angostura on the top.  Enjoy!