Buffalo Trace Bourbon

The flagship bourbon from the Buffalo Trace distillery in Frankfurt, this may be the best value bourbon that exists.  A whiskey that is bottled at 90 proof after being aged for 7 years, and priced at around $20 for a 750 ml bottle, this is a bourbon that can easily hold its own against bourbons that a double the price.  Being at a lower price point also makes it a great bourbon for cocktails and its flavor is perfect compliment to many ingredients.

Although Buffalo Trace can make a good cocktail, I would highly recommend giving it some time on its own as well, either neat or on the rocks this will not disappoint. The color of this bourbon is exactly what you expect and once you taste it your will realize that the flavor is too.

Buffalo TraceThe nose on this is very rich with notes of leather and what I find as an apple type sweetness.  The proof of the bourbon comes out in the end, although it is not as much of a burning smell as the barrel proof bourbons that you can find.

The taste is very smooth and although there is some distinct warmth on the tongue, I do not find much of a burn at all.  The flavor has a lot of sweetness, particularly the flavor of burnt sugar (brulee), stands out, however the rye is very noticeable and gives a nice pepper-spice to the drink.  I almost feel like I can taste both the corn and rye separately in this one and they make a great pair here.  The finish is heavy on the oakiness of the charred barrels that it spent so many years within, and stays with you for a long time.

I hope people don’t start to realize how good this bourbon is, I would hate to see Buffalo Trace start getting sold for the actual price that it is worth!

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