Brennivin (The Black Death)


Brennivín, the black death, the caraway flavored schnapps that is also Iceland’s signature (national?) liquor.  Originally the label was intended to scare people away from buying it with the logo that was originally a white skull, later replaced with a map of Iceland.  Personally that would have not scared me away, but I can see…

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Börkur Bitter – Icelandic Birch Bitter

Borkur Birch Bitter

From the Icelandic Foss Distillery, Börkur Bitter is made with Icelandic birch bark.  Currently only available in Iceland, this bitter is based from a neutral grain spirit (potato vodka most likely). The distillery itself is very young, being created only a few years ago (2010) and they pride themselves on having a very unique product…

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Larceny Bourbon Review

Looking back at my previous spirit reviews, which tend to be bourbon heavy, I was surprised to see that I have yet to review a wheated bourbon, such as Larceny.  For those not familiar with bourbon, it is a whiskey that is made with three grains Corn (at least 51%), barley, and rye or wheat. …

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