Churchill Martini

The Churchill, also known as the bone dry martini, is just what it sounds like, a martini with no vermouth.  In Churchill’s words the correct recipe was to a glass of cold gin while looking across the room at a bottle of vermouth.  Although this isn’t really a cocktail, the guy was definitely onto something, as it if you use a good gin, this is a very nice drink.  His favorite gin for this was Plymouth, which is slightly less dry than a typical London Dry.

The drink is a great homage to one of the greatest leaders of all time, who quite famously said “I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me”.  Although a famous drinker he also was known for being quite a responsible drinker, rarely could anyone even notice the effects of his drinks on him, although he often had one near him.

One understandable effect of drinking for Churchill is that it both helped his confidence and helped the ideas flow, as he was known to have quite a bit to drink with dinner and then go on to dictate either speeches or other written works until the early hours of the morning.   So whatever it was, I am glad for the drink that he has earned his name, as the driest of martinis is very fitting of his dry humor and wit.

Churchill Martini1 part gin (your preference on quantity) Plymouth is traditional

Stir until ice cold and then strain into a chilled martini glass, garnish with olive.  The important part is to make sure for the first drink you take a look at a bottle of vermouth, preferably from across the room.