Cocktails in Reykjavik

Naturally you can’t have a cocktail and travel blog without talking about both in the same series of entries. ūüôā

Day 2 for us was a bit of venturing around Reykjavik to check out the local happy hour scene. ¬†We hit up 2 of the well-known cocktail bars¬†for happy hour.. because in Iceland, liquor is expensive and happy hour is the only time you’ll find reasonable drink prices that are like non-happy hour prices in the US.

The first stop was Slippbarinn, which had an interesting array of cocktails and liquors I never expected to see in Iceland.¬† They had multiple tequilas and Mezcals, which for 1, are not anywhere in close proximity and are a niche market to begin with. ¬†You can see the Del Maguay Vida bottles hiding behind the Don Julio’s on the top shelf. ¬†Additionally, there were many cocktail ingredients that were foreign to me, but with which I plan to familiarize myself with upon returning to the US.


They had a set happy hour menu but with some interesting choices. ¬†I got the Harry’s Sour (bottom): Bourbon, Orchard Syrup (Apple & Anise), and Lemon. ¬†This made for a good blend of slightly sweet, refreshing and slightly herbal finish. Kyle got the Whiskey Sour (top):¬†Bourbon, lemon, Maraschino, Angostura bitters, and egg white. ¬†Pretty standard sour, but delicious.


Round 2 consisted of a Black Out Russian (bottom): ¬†Tequila, honey, stout liquor (yea, I’ve never heard of it either)¬†lemon and topped with Curiosity Cola¬†(Coca-Cola?). ¬†I’m actually quite a fan of this.. it’s stout-like but a little sweet but not very heavy. ¬†It’s everything I love about Mexican Cola, but with a dash of creamy stout to it.
Additionally Kyle tried the house-made aged Negroni and tonic, which disappointingly tasted more like tonic than Negroni..


The next stop was Apotek Hotel, which was highly rated for both their food and their cocktails, but again.. it was happy hour so it was just cocktails for us. ¬†Disappointed after a lack of Negroni in the last cocktail, Kyle decided on the Apotek Negroni, which had a slight twist.. a dash of crowberry liquor. ¬†Crowberries are kind of like blackberries, and they look like blueberries, but they’re a bit more acidic … so it provided a good addition to a very orange bitter cocktail like the Negroni.

My cocktail of choice was a Dill infused Gin drink called a Dillagin (pronouced like Gilligan, but with a ‘D’). ¬†I forgot how much I liked Dill up until this point, and realized how versatile it can be. ¬†While it’s great in tzatziki sauce, it has many other great applications. ¬†In this case, it was infused in Gin, which actually didn’t yield as strong of a flavor as I would have expected for how GREEN this cocktail turned out. ¬†It was paired with a mango liquor, lime, sugar and an undisclosed bitter, which made for a nice refreshing, mojito-esque sipper.


All in all, Reykjavik had so many unexpected¬†flavor combinations, that all I want to do is go back and try more ūüôā