Colonel E.H. Taylor Single Barrel

E.H. Taylor Single BarrelMy most recent acquisition to my bourbon collection was this bottle of  E.H. Taylor Single Barrel.  Although the distillery, Buffalo Trace, does not disclose the vintage of this bottle, it is bottled in bond so it is a single vintage.  Bottling in bond is done by the distillary as an homage to E.H. Taylor himself, as he was instrumental in the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897.  Also if the distillery has their work together (they do) this should be a very consistent flavor of bourbon year after year.  Onto the drinking..

On the nose this is strong on the charred oak scent, with some vanilla on the background.  A the end I detect a little of both butterscotch and caramel.

Uncut this one is quite a warm and spicy bourbon, at 100 proof the alcohol doesn’t hide in this one.  Once you get used to the burn there are is a rich sweetness with some more of that butterscotch flavor and a little dark fruit.  Also hidden is some good spice from the rye.  After adding a little water the other flavors come out a little smoother but an additional smokey tobacco flavor seems to join in the party as well.

Overall this is a great bourbon, I have not tried the small batch yet but that may be the next bourbon I try, in order to get a nice comparison.