Cuatro Gallos Mosto Verde Italia Pisco

A favorite pisco that I fell in love with in Peru, Cuatro Gallos makes a very consistent product and their Mosto Verde Italia is no exception.  To my dismay I discovered shortly after my return home that Cuatro Gallos is not possible to find in the US.  To this point, I now have to cherish this one bottle that I brought back, until hopefully soon the company decides to export to the US, and give us more great options for pisco.

As a mosto verde, a pisco made with additional grapes for enhanced flavor, this is not a cocktail pisco.  Mixing a mosto verde will definitely hurt the flavors of the spirit while not adding the strong flavor you want the pisco to add.  For cocktails use a non-aromatic pisco puro, one with a stronger grape flavor that will be able to stand up in cocktails.

Cuatro GallosOn the nose you will quickly find the grapes, as a mosto verde this will be the predominate scent, although behind you find much more.  A lot of floral scents hind behind, as do those of other fruits, plum being very predominate.  I also detect some spice but it is hard to put my finger on a good description for it.  As an 80 proof spirit alcohol is strong on the nose, especially when concentrated with a glencarin glass as I used.

The flavor on the Cuatro Gallos is very smooth.  For being such a strong clear spirit the smoothness is almost the same as a strong wine.  Again the grape stands out but the flavor is backed with a lot of other fruits.  From plum to some citrus notes, there is significant depth in the flavor.  I also find a bit of an apple flavor here and again some spice notes, but hard to pinpoint the spice.  I must admit though due to not having access to as much pisco as I would like it is difficult for me to identify everything in this complex, smooth spirit.

After enjoying this drink my only parting word are, Bring Cuatro Gallos the the US!  This pisco would easily earn a spot behind any good cocktail bar, and is much more enjoyable than the other mid-high end piscos that can be found stateside.

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