Cuba Libre

Rum and coke?  Why would I write about such a simple drink as a Cuba Libre, two reasons:

1)  This drink is delicious and too often I see it made incorrectly or just bad
2)  With my recent acquisition of Havana Club rum (although I would normally not utilize a 7 year old rum for mixing) I wanted to celebrate that I can have a real CUBA Libre!

The key to this drink is simple…good rum and not too much cola.  The rum is supposed to be the star of this, the goal is to not “cover up” the rum but instead make it shine with the additional flavor.  A dark rum is best for this IMO as a white rum will be covered up, or you wouldn’t want to taste it.

Cuba Libre with Havana Club

The official recipe uses a 12:5 ratio of cola to rum but I will make a challenge on this one:  use a good rum and go 1:1 with a squeeze of lime and a wedge of lime to garnish.  You will not be disappointed!