The Greenpoint Cocktail

A variation of the Manhattan, the Greenpoint is named after the northernmost neighborhood of Brooklyn.  Not to be confused with Greenspoint, aka Gunpoint, a previously bad area of Houston, although much improved in the recent years.  The cocktail originated in New York’s Milk and Honey, located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

The Greenpoint highlights Chartreuse as the additional ingredient in the classic Rye cocktail.  The Milk and Honey version calls for the yellow variety but I prefer to use Green Chartreuse for this cocktail, as it adds a bit more flavor.  If you prefer something a little less intense though than go ahead and use yellow or increase the sweet vermouth a bit.  However with the name GREENpoint, I feel that green is most appropriate :).

The cocktail itself is actually quite balanced, which can be hard to accomplish with Chartreuse.  The additional bitterness stands out while still allowing all of the other ingredients to be visible, even the single dash of Angostura.

Greenpoint2 oz Rye (Rittenhouse of course for me)
1 oz Sweet Vermouth
1 barspoon Green Chartreuse
1 dash Angostura

Mix all ingredients over ice and stir well.  A Luxardo cherry makes a great garnish but overall none is necessary for the Greenpoint, enjoy and have another.