Havana Club 7 Años

So I have previously mentioned that I acquired a bottle of Havana Club 7 Años rum in my Cuba Libre post.  Not an easy rum to find currently in the states, although it will likely become more available as the Cuban sanctions continue to be loosened.  As I bought this more for sipping than mixing, (although it does mix very well) I wanted to share my tasting notes.

Havana Club 7 Anos Rum

On the nose this one is quite sweet with a dry fruit aroma that to me brings out apples along with some other dark sugar.  There is definitely some smoke to this one too, but diluted with a touch of water the smoke is not overpowering.  Not too strong of an alcohol nose and overall not a particularly complex or powerful aroma.

In the mouth this is very smooth.  The taste has a buttery molasses flavor but lacks the caramel flavor that many rums have, I appreciated the lack it as well.  There is also a hint of tobacco-leather smoke flavor in this one and I can see how it would pair great with a good (Cuban) cigar.

The finish is of smoke while the sweetness carries through.  Notes of vanilla and spice linger on for a while.  Would buy this again, although not the most complex sipping rum I have had.