High Plains Drifter

Like the 1973 Clint Eastwood movie, the High Plains drifter cocktail is a mix of how the old west is often portrayed;  bitter and both with a mellow citrus finish.  This variation of the drink is quite close to a Mexican Firing Squad (subtracting grenadine & adding Campari).  For those of you who are looking for something thirst quenching and refreshing, without too much sweetness.. here’s your perfect mix!

high plains drifter2 oz Tequila Blanco or Reposado
3/4 oz Fresh squeezed lime juice
1 squirt of Agave
2 dashes Angostura
1 splash of Campari

Mix together in a shaker, the 1st 4 ingredients in a shaker.  Coat your serving glass with Campari and pour in shaken ingredients.