Honolulu 2

The Honolulu 2 is a bit of an “old-school” style cocktail, seemingly trying to cover up poor quality spirits.  Upon first seeing the recipe I thought…no, as I discovered is not a unique thought to just me.  Then I figured I might as well still give it a shot, but maybe in a small size (notice the half full glass).

As expected this is not quite what I would serve to someone else, it has the makings of a decent drink but the proportions are all wrong.  There is a reason that a barspoon is the typical measure you use of both benedictine and of maraschino liquor.  The resulting concoction is very sweet and almost a syrup texture.  I have seen this listed as an after-dinner drink and I can agree with that, you could omit a desert by drinking one of these guys.  However even if I was going to do that I would still tweak the proportions, with a lot less of the benedictine and maraschino (or a whole lot more gin) and possibly some fresh lemon, this could be a good drink.  Right ingredients, wrong amounts is all I can say about the original recipe.

Honolulu 2

1 oz Gin
1 oz Maraschino Liquor
1 oz Benedictine

Shake on ice and serve (purists will say to stir, but it won’t change a thing if you shake), a good garnish would be a lemon twist.  As I may have implied above I would recommend making this one with about half the amounts listed above and then playing with adding more gin or other components to balance it out to your own preference.