Horse’s Neck

A classic cocktail that dates back to the pre-prohibition era, the Horse’s Neck is a classic combination of ginger and bourbon.  Many recipes exist, often substituting brandy for bourbon or ginger beer for ginger ale, but the basic combination of lemon, ginger, and spirit.  The addition of angostura adds a bit more complexity to the cocktail, although I find that the ginger ale still causes a bit of a dilution effect and would like to find a way to make it a little more “sharp” (ginger beer might help).

The key to this drink is the large spiral of lemon peel, which ideally should be kept as a single strand for the aesthetic effect.  However the zest itself is truly the key, by putting this fresh spiral right at the nose you get a ton of lemon flavor, with no actual lemon in the drink.  A nice strong bourbon helps to round out the drink, which is quite refreshing.

Horse's Neck

3 oz Bourbon
2 oz Ginger Ale (I used Vernors as the barrel aged flavor blends so well with the Bourbon)
3 dashes Angostura

Mix everything together well and garnish with one long (12″ or so) strip of lemon peel and spiral it over a barspoon.