Industry Sour

I came across the Industry Sour on Esquire’s website while searching for ideas to combine two of my favorite ingredients, Chartreuse and Fernet.  Although not often seen together in many cocktails, these are two ingredients that make so many cocktails themselves.  It was this fact that made it seem natural to me that the two could combine well with each other.  The strong herbal and bitter flavors of each blend beautifully, while the lime adds a great zest to it.  The flavors are so strong within this cocktail while not overpowering, and you will pick up on so many of them as you drink.

The name Industry Sour itself comes from the fact that if you talk to any bartender, or cocktail enthusiast, Chartreuse and Fernet will be two of their many favorite items use while making cocktails.  By themselves both are in many of the classic cocktails that you will see, and the flavors mix so well with a huge variety of other spirits to make unique cocktails.  Also by themselves they are both great too, many cocktail bars today are simply putting a “shot of Fernet” (or Bartender’s Handshake) on their menu by itself.

Industry Sour1 oz Fernet
1 oz Green Chartreuse
1 oz Lime Juice (fresh)
1 oz Simple Syrup

Shake all ingredients together well, strain, and serve.  A nice coupe glass helps to bring out all of the aromas, which is all the garnish that you will need on this one.