Japanese Style Martini (With Sidecar)

Japanese style martini

Not to be confused with the Sidecar, an excellent drink in itself, the Japanese style martini is an extra dry martini that serves the vermouth as an accompaniment to the drink itself.  A way to make a martini both with the perfect amount of vermouth, and not let that vermouth go to waste.  This brings up a good point though when making this drink: make sure you have a dry vermouth that you enjoy drinking by itself, or there is no point of the sidecar.

Making this drink is quite simple.  Take your shaker, fill with ice, and add a healthy pour of good dry vermouth.  Shake (yes that’s right SHAKE) this vermouth and ice….a lot.  After you have shaken the ice and vermouth and know that you have fully coated every little corner of the ice cubes, strain the liquid into a small glass.  Following this add your preferred martini gin and now just go about the process like normal, stir.  Once your drink has been stirred to your preference, pour up into a martini glass, garnish with an olive, and serve next to your vermouth.  What you have is a perfect Japanese style martini, fit for a nice evening.

3 oz Gin    –  Use your nice stuff here
1 oz Dry Vermouth    –  Remember that you are taking this out

Follow the instructions above.