La Distillerie #1 Montreal

The original of now 3 locations for this Montreal cocktail bar, La Distillerie is quite a find hidden within this fascinating city.  A short walk from the the Universite de Quebec a Montreal, it is a perfect place to enjoy happy hour (4-7), which also comes with free goldfish crackers!

La Distillerie #1La Distillerie has some very interesting cocktails on their menu, most in more of a classic style and not overly fruity.  The bartenders also are quite knowledgeable and creative themselves, as well as being nice guys overall.  Going during happy hour gives the ability to have quick conversations with the bartenders and learn more about their cocktail passions.  Giving one of them couple ingredients he went ahead and made a great libation using 3 Italian bitters, 3 vermouths, and bourbon.  For being something he seemingly came up with on the fly it was incredibly complex but well balanced.  Talking to him afterward about the ingredients it was obvious that he knew what he was working with, understanding all of the nuances of each of the otherwise very diverse bitters.

Water StationAnother nice little piece to this place was the water station, which was self serve, ensuring that your glass is never empty when you needed some eau (water).  With how small the place is, it is also not an inconvenience to have to walk over to the water station, as the bar seats maybe 40 people max.  Talking to the staff it also never sounded to get TOO busy, although obviously the place doesn’t stay empty at night either.  However after a few rounds we were not in the right condition to make a marathon out of the night to find out how busy it gets.

La Distillerie BittersOh and their bitters selection was quite impressive, which was equally matched by the knowledge of the bitters that the staff had.  Challenge the staff of La Distillerie to create something special for you and I assure you that you will not be disappointed.