Lake Tahoe

After our short weekend trip to Lake Tahoe, all I can think about is going back and getting more time… more time on the mountain, more time venturing around town… etc.  We flew in at the perfect time to see sunset over Lake Tahoe which in it’s monstrosity is beyond beautiful.   Witnessing the enormous lake in hues of pink and orange, casting shadows from its snow-crested peaks, was a great start to the trip!

Lake Tahoe

Heavenly itself has a large skiing area, which was quite busy & had lots of lifts that took you to various places throughout the mountain.  It did make me miss a few things about Big Sky totally had me spoiled last year –  no lines or crowds, a gondola to take you all or most of the way to peak, and lots of back bowls.  Despite the crowds and numerous little lifts, Heavenly did have a lot of really great tree runs, which were both scattered and dense.  It made for a good mix of glades trail riding, which I enjoyed until a slight mishap with a log.. but that’s a story for another day.

Heavenly Mountain

We spent time in South Lake Tahoe, CA & Stateline, NV, neighboring towns of Heavenly mountain, which were much larger towns than I expected.  Most ski towns out west in Colorado or Wyoming or Montana are small, simple, quaint mountain towns.. and this was most definitely not the case.  It’s quite obvious Lake Tahoe is a year-round tourist attraction with tons of shops, and restaurants (and even a few casinos on the NV side).  There was always something going on and always something to see!  Next trip back here will definitely be a longer weekend, and to check out a few of the surrounding mountains like Kirkwood & Squaw Valley for sure!

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