Last Word (How Gin Can Change a Cocktail)

This bright pre-prohibition era cocktail, originally developed in the Detroit Athletic Club, is a perfect example of how different gins change the taste of a cocktail.  As a main ingredient, the type of gin you use can make the Last Word cocktail more herbal or more citrusy.

Here’s what to expect from the different flavor profiles:
An American gin (i.e. Aviation) will give you more floral or herbal flavors & aromas
A London Dry gin (i.e. Bombay Sapphire or Beefeater) will be crisper and juniper forward
An Old Tom Gin is a lighter, sweeter version of a London Dry.

So, go ahead and pick your favorite or try a few and see how this cocktail transforms!

3⁄4 oz Gin
3⁄4 oz Green Chartreuse
1/2 oz Maraschino Liqueur
3⁄4 oz Fresh-squeezed Lime Juice

Last Word

This cocktail is traditionally made with equal parts of all 4 ingredients, but since Maraschino can be overpowering, I took it down a notch to make for a more balanced cocktail.

All ingredients should be shaken with ice and served straight up in a martini glass or coupe.