Martinez & Boker’s Bitters

In the latest adventure of ‘bitter’ discovery, I decided to reference the bitters book I’ve been hooked on, and see what recommendations they had to offer on Boker’s bitters. The first recipe that caught my eye was the Martinez, a transposed gin martini with a dash of spunk.  Boker’s bitters carry an interesting and intense complexity of flavors that range from orange peel to green cardamom to coffee.  It sounds strange for all these flavors to exist in a few drops (or dashes), but if you put a dash or two into some soda water, you’ll understand what I mean.
On a side note, if it hasn’t been obvious in other blog posts, a good sweet vermouth is a required staple in a bar.. Get one or two NOW.  Vermouth’s versatility creates a blend of flavor without dulling the quality of the other ingredients in the drink.. and it’s a key ingredient in the Martinez.  Boker’s bitters very much follows the same ideology.  Specifically in the Martinez cocktail, Boker’s compliments the Old Tom gin & Maraschino with it’s orange bitterness, while bringing a sweet chocolate/coffee like mouth feel intensity to the vermouth.  It’s a curious cocktail that continues to build on itself with each sip (which I attribute to these beautiful bitters).


2 ounces Sweet Vermouth (Dolin Rouge, recommended)
1 ounce Old Tom Gin
1 tsp Maraschino liquor
2 dashes Boker’s Bitters

I suggest the stirring method on this one.  Stir over ice until chilled (rather than shaking)… then strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a lemon twist.