Monte Cassino Cocktail

Reminiscent of the Last Word, another chartreuse forward cocktail, the Monte Cassino has a bit of depth that is discovered as you drink it.  The mix of the two herbal liquors has a very complex flavor profile, that seems to hit you a little differently every sip.  With the sweetness of the benedictine the rye provides a great backbone, and lemon just does what it usually does…add balance

Following a classic “equal parts” method of mixing, the Monte Cassino is also quite an easy drink to concoct.  Not to say that is isn’t combined well, the ingredients play perfectly, and after the initial hit of chartreuse the balance is awesome.  I would avoid green chartreuse on this cocktail for that reason, the more mellow and sweet yellow is perfect for this drink.

1 oz Yellow Chartreuse
1 oz Benedictine
1 oz Rye (100 proof preferred)
1 oz Lemon Juice

Shake all ingredients over ice and serve up.  Use a twist of lemon peel as a garnish and enjoy the simple but beautiful Monte Cassino.