Museo del Pisco: Not Another Tourist Trap

Walking down the street in Cusco we happened to be looking for a drink and came across the “Museo del Pisco” (previous mentioned in a post on Cusco) on Santa Catalina Ancha, near the town center.  Initially this place did give off a vibe of being a tourist trap, and they obviously do target tourists with things like “Learn How to Make a Pisco Sour” on the menu.  Their cocktail menu in general is very tourist friendly, with lots of fruity drinks to make sure you don’t even taste the Pisco itself.

However this place has two great things going for it, first their Pisco flight “Degustaciones de Pisco”, is a great tour of the different types of Pisco, how they are made, and how to taste them.  They also provide a handy postcard that helps the learning process.  The second thing that they have going for them is a TON of Pisco, and bartenders with the knowledge of what they are.  Just take a look at the amount of bottles they stock:

Museo del Pisco BarMuseo del Pisco Bar - More Pisco

So my advice for the Museo del Pisco, is to check it out, but completely ignore the menu.  If you truly want to experience Pisco this is the place to do it, and just like any good whiskey bar all you need to do is tell the bartender what you are in the mood for (fruity, herbal, smooth, fiery, unique) and test their skills.  Had I discovered this place earlier I would have probably done this many more times, as I was never disappointed with what they provided me.  To top it off their prices are no different than any other bar in Peru, so no need to worry about a giant tab at the end of the night. Enjoy!