New Braunfels

A personal variation on the New Brunswick but with a certain Texas spin on it.  Particularly that this employs deep red Texas variety or grapefruit (the Rio Red), which is much more sweet and less bitter than the ones that come from Florida.  If you have ever tasted anything made by Texans this would come as no surprise, as they love their overly sweet foods, so why not breed their own variety of grapefruit which is much sweeter than the norm.

To combat this sweetness I also changed the recipe to omit the simple syrup, there is just no need for that.  With the sweet but still tart citrus of the grapefruit little else is necessary.  The 100 proof rye, however is important, although any strong rye will do, but with so much fruit you will need to make sure the rye is powerful enough to play along.  The sweet vermouth, as it does it many drinks, makes for a great balance.  This all together makes the New Braunfels a great drink for a Texas summer day or a cool night.  The balance and interplay of the ingredients make this one good anytime, even floating in a river.

New Braunfels

2 oz Fresh Squeezed Texas Grapefruit Juice
1 oz 100 proof Rye (I used Rittenhouse, my go-to for cocktails)
1 oz Sweet Vermouth

Depending on sweetness and your personal preferences the above may need to be modified but once you find your “sweet spot” shake all ingredients together and serve on ice.  Garnish with a slice (or half) of grapefruit and enjoy this New Braunfels cocktail!