Noah’s Mill Bourbon

Noah’s Mill is a bourbon that I first tasted at The Last Hurrah, a whiskey bar at the Omni Parker House hotel in Boston, MA.  Although the bar appears to be just another hotel bar it actually has a great selection of good bourbon, and very reasonable prices.  My advice would be to just ask the bartender for a recommendation as they seem to have a few great bottles hidden behind the others, and without asking you might miss them in the dark bar.

The Noah’s Mill bourbon itself is made by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, better know as the Willett distillery.  The bourbon itself is bottled at 114.3 proof (very specific) and is said to contain barrels that range between 4 and 20 years of age, but there is no specific age statement on the bottle.  The bottling, as a blend of a variety of barrels, contains everything from heavy rye to wheated bourbons, and the blend is apparent in the final product.

Noah's Mill Bourbon

Note this review is for batch 15-68, I have no idea on how consistent of a product that is produced by KBD, but with how specific of statements they make on flavor, proof, and blending; I would have to guess that they make a consistent product

On the nose I get vanilla and toffee with a lot of the wood and spice notes I would expect from the rye in a bourbon.

The flavor profile on this is extremely complex with everything from cocoa and fruit notes to even more of the vanilla and oak.   There are also some notes of the rye and spice, almost clove-type flavors as well.

The finish on Noah’s Mill is very long and sticks around for quite a while.  Much heavier tannins in this than many bourbons, and almost leaves your mouth with the chalky feeling that a tannin-heavy wine would give.

Overall this is one of my favorite bourbons that I have ever had, and will continue to buy as long as I can continue to find it.