Old Rye Gal

So… I stumbled upon this Old Rye Gal cocktail after having a mad craving for some Rye whiskey as a nice night cap.. and it ended up being a great mix between a mint julep and a Manhattan with a bit of kick!  It smells like a Manhattan.. strong on the rye to the nose, which is very apparent when you first take a sip.. spiced rye with a bit of sweetness from the maraschino cherry and then you get a spike of ginger that seemingly comes out of NOWHERE and then the mint just kind of lingers.  It’s a complex cocktail but quite curious as each flavor’s very distinguishable from the next!  The Old Rye Gal also has a bit of a texture twist as well since there’s a touch of effervescence coming from the ginger ale.

Also if you’re curious about the ginger tincture, I’ll tell you it’s quite an easy experiment.  All you need is a little grain alcohol (Everclear will work just fine) and some ginger.. peel it, chop it up, let it soak for ~30 days and give it a try.

Old Rye Gal1 oz Mint Leaves
3 oz Rye Whiskey
3 droplets full of Ginger Tincture
2 oz Ginger Ale
2 bar spoons of Maraschino Cherry

Muddle the mint, add ice and remaining ingredients & give it a stir .. be careful.. if you shake this, be prepared for an excess of carbonation & a pressured up shaker!