Reykjavik, Iceland

After traveling for 17 hours with little sleep and 2 layovers, we landed in Reykjavik, a bit jet-lagged and hungry.. only to be handed a crappy 4×4 rental with a manual transmission.  Note: I used to know how to drive stick but it’s been many years since I’ve tried so I was happy Kyle took…

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Brennivin (The Black Death)


Brennivín, the black death, the caraway flavored schnapps that is also Iceland’s signature (national?) liquor.  Originally the label was intended to scare people away from buying it with the logo that was originally a white skull, later replaced with a map of Iceland.  Personally that would have not scared me away, but I can see…

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Cocktails in Reykjavik

Naturally you can’t have a cocktail and travel blog without talking about both in the same series of entries. 🙂 Day 2 for us was a bit of venturing around Reykjavik to check out the local happy hour scene.  We hit up 2 of the well-known cocktail bars for happy hour.. because in Iceland, liquor is…

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Börkur Bitter – Icelandic Birch Bitter

Borkur Birch Bitter

From the Icelandic Foss Distillery, Börkur Bitter is made with Icelandic birch bark.  Currently only available in Iceland, this bitter is based from a neutral grain spirit (potato vodka most likely). The distillery itself is very young, being created only a few years ago (2010) and they pride themselves on having a very unique product…

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Latin Quarter

Originally coming from Death and Co. in New York, the Latin Quarter is essentially a twist on the classic Sazerac.  Two ingredients make this one unique, for starters an aged rum is use as the spirit here instead of the classic rye.  However the interesting twist comes from the addition of mole bitters.  Together though…

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