Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Over Easter weekend, we decided to take the chance to visit our neighbor to the south… Mexico [It was a long overdue visit for being in Houston over 2 years].  We hemmed and hawed over a few different locations: Cozumel, Cabo, and Cancun before we stumbled upon Puerto Vallarta.  It was the 4th most popular spot to visit according to Trip Advisor and a place I’d never really heard of so we figured, why not?  We booked an all-inclusive resort just for convenience and wandered into town (looking for some good people watching and tequila, of course).  It’s a small, kind of run-down town, but very safe and screams tourism.  It kind of felt like Aguas Calientes, Peru (according to Kyle) with tons of overpriced tourist novelties along the main streets, but with a beautiful ocean view. Malecon, which is where we found these statues, is the main boardwalk along the water in town.  It’s bustling with photo-takers like myself, but rightfully so… it’s some of the most unique artwork I’ve seen in quite a while!

Malecon  Malecon

Malecon  Malecon 

The beaches are a pretty golden color and swarming with locals (unless you’re in an all inclusive resort with their own protected section of the beach).  Don’t worry, they aren’t harmful locals.. they can just a bit loud.  If you want quiet and relaxation, go for a resort like Secrets…  You wouldn’t want to pass up on views like this!

Puerto Vallarta

All in all, after talking more with some locals (or wanna be transplants to PV) I would go back again. There’s lots that PV has to offer in terms of food and fun, outside of all the tourist seen… so at some point we will be back to explore some more!

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