Rittenhouse Rye

Over the past couple years I have been searching for the “perfect” cocktail rye and although there are many favorites I believe that although a perfect one probably doesn’t exist, Rittenhouse Rye may be the best fit.  In addition to adding the perfect rye spice to a cocktail along with adding the heat of a 100 proof rye, it is also by itself a damn good spirit.

On the nose this is surprisingly sweet for what it is, although there are some definite spice and dark pepper notes to the scent.  The taste also starts out deceivingly sweet and smooth but quickly shows its true rye colors.  There is some good complexity here with notes of cinnamon, vanilla, pepper, and what I can only explain as “ginger spice”.  In a cocktail it is very assertive, playing well with other ingredients, but never letting you forget that it is there.  Good enough that after one or two cocktails you just want to have it alone for yourself.

Rittenhouse RyeOverall a great rye that can be found for usually less than $25 a bottle, which is an amazing value for what you get.  Rittenhouse Rye is great, but ff you think you know of a better rye for cocktails, please share below!