Sin Cyn (Scotch Negroni)

Sin Cyn

A variation on the Negroni family, the Sin Cyn takes a bit more of a change than many other Negroni variations.  As you may have guessed this adds both Scotch and Cynar in the place of the spirit and the bitter.  The basic concept is still the same, a spirit, a bitter, and sweet vermouth to meld it together, all in equal parts.  However the flavor is where this one takes a bit jump, even from the whiskey variants of the Boulevardier and the Old Pal.

The difference in flavor here is huge, other than the basic formula this shares very little in flavor profile with the classic cocktail, particularly due to the uniqueness of the Cynar.  Scotch is the right spirit here though, the dry and smokey flavor of a blended scotch is perfect, although a single malt peated dram would work well too.  This is an easy sipper that although complex, is well balanced and very enjoyable.  As this is not a cocktail that will be consumed quickly, nor should it be, I would advise using the largest ice cubes you have to avoid excess dilution.  You could also just make your Sin Cyn a bit smaller, but I never actually considered that as a possibility until just this moment….

Sin Cyn

1 oz Scotch (Blended is probably best, but experiment here for your preference)
1 oz Cynar
1 oz Sweet Vermouth

Stir (or shake) all ingredients over ice and serve in an old fashioned glass with a big hunk of ice.  The classic garnish of a grapefruit twist works perfect here, make sure to express the oils over the top of the ice cube for a very nice aroma to complement the dry scotch.  Excelsior!