Gin-Gin Mule

Ginger Gin Mule

A great summer drink, the Gin-Gin mule is a refreshing variation on the classic Moscow mule.  This version makes the addition of mint to make this drink even more invigorating with a nice cool finish.  Another way that this could be also made great would be to swap out the gin with bourbon and make…

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Cocktails in Reykjavik

Naturally you can’t have a cocktail and travel blog without talking about both in the same series of entries. 🙂 Day 2 for us was a bit of venturing around Reykjavik to check out the local happy hour scene.  We hit up 2 of the well-known cocktail bars for happy hour.. because in Iceland, liquor is…

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Cynar is the flavor of the week… so this time around, I decided to try something a bit out of the ordinary for my digestif.  After discovering that Cynar and gin make a good combination, I figured it would be good to build on this herbal bitter profile with some more abrupt bitter flavors. The first ingredient added…

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