Verde Hada

Verde Hada, literally “Green Fairy” for those who speak Spanish. This is a drink that combines two unlikely ingredients, tequila and absinthe. It is the classic old world meets new world, Europe meets America combination. Although the herbal, strong absinthe seems like that last thing to mesh well with the classic Mexican tequila; when you mix them correctly it just works.

The original article I found which mentions this, from gizmodo, calls out muddled rosemary as an ingredient, although I gave that a try and I would recommend leaving it out.  If you happen to love rosemary then by all means add it, but to me it just added a little of a pine flavor that didn’t really work with the other ingredients.  I would also make a note to be sure to adjust your simple syrup based on how sweet your limes are, if they are tart and sour like the ones I typically find then use the full 3/4 oz.  If however, you are blessed with nice sweet limes, or are using sweetened lime juice, than you may not need nearly that much.

Verde Hada1 oz Tequila, Blanco
1/2 oz Absinthe
1 oz Lime juice, fresh
3/4 oz Simple syrup, adjust as necessary

Shake all ingredients on ice and serve in a chilled glass, with a salted rim.