Wooaahh Sherry

Throughout my cocktail adventures thus far, I’ve tried (and very much enjoyed) a variety of cocktails containing sherry.  Sherry gives a very clean, smooth, and almost bland flavor but in a good way.  It makes for a great pallet cleanser aperitif that just seems to make the most intense flavors just dissipate.  So, for this cocktail, I decided to take the ingredient I so enjoyed and make it the highlight of the drink… and I totally got more than I bargained for.

I started with a classic Coronation cocktail base of:
1.5 oz Dry Vermouth
1.5 oz Dry Fino Sherry
2 dashes of Orange Bitters
1 spoonful of Luxardo

Wooaahh SherryI stirred it over ice, poured it in a chilled glass and took a drink.  Flavor was very dry and crisp, but not a whole ton of depth to it.  I should have expected this since I was mixing 2 wines + a dash of bitter + a touch of sweetness.  If you like both of these ingredients straight out of the bottle, give it a try.  It will leave you with pretty much no residual flavor on your pallet.  I like the characteristic sherry gives in cocktails, but not necessarily as a main ingredient, so I doctored up this Wooaahh Sherry cocktail with an oz of London Dry Gin & 2 dashes of angostura.  The botanical flavor from the London Dry & aromatic bitters gives this cocktail it a bit more depth & a surprisingly refreshing flavor.  Try it out 🙂