Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Review

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

A relatively recent addition from the distillery that for years only produced one product (officially), Woodford Reserve Double Oaked starts with the standard bourbon but is aged a second time in another new oak barrel for a unique flavor.  Released in 2012, this bourbon has won a good handful of awards and really does have its own flavor that is a bit different than many bourbons.

Woodford Double Oaked

On the nose there is a lot of sweetness, both honey and fruity.  Oh and oak, a lot of oak and vanilla notes come out with this one.

On the mouth this one is surprisingly creamy, with more complexity than you would expect and has a bit of a spicy note, a bit of both pepper and cinnamon.  There are also a lot of sweet notes; caramel, butterscotch, and honey.  There is also a lot of the vanilla and oak that you would expect from such a named product.

The finish on this one stays for a while with a lot of the oak notes and quite a bit of warmth from the alcohol.  The one thing that always surprises me with Woodford Reserve Double Oaked is how warm it is, without being rough.  The warming is very strong but somehow is balanced out by the intensity of the flavor.  Very interesting and is well deserving of a spot on the bar.